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About Jim

Championing Fairway's Progress Through Service

My family moved to Fairway in June, 1996 after growing up in Kansas City from age 8. We found Fairway to be a great neighborhood to live in and our children enjoyed the neighboring schools they attended.

Throughout my professional journey as a social worker in healthcare, I’ve consistently held a deep-seated desire to serve others. I’ve taken up leadership roles within my local professional organization chapter and served a two-year term as the National Legislative Chair. I’m someone who actively listens to people’s concerns and offers the necessary support and solutions.

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My constant aspiration has been to enhance the quality of life for others, and I remain committed to this path. I’m driven to repay Fairway for all the invaluable support this community has provided me. With my professional background, I effortlessly become a sounding board for resident engagement and participation in local governance and community activities that define Fairway’s exceptional quality of life.

I possess the ability to consider all perspectives and collaborate seamlessly within the administration to achieve holistic and positive solutions. Throughout my entire career, I’ve dedicated myself to service and I’m immensely grateful for the learning and growth these experiences have brought me. Council members serve as the true voice of the residents they represent.

In this journey, I envision a Fairway that thrives through collaborative leadership, where the voices of our residents are not only heard but actively shape the course of our community. I am resolute in my commitment to driving positive change, fostering inclusivity, and preserving the unique essence that makes Fairway our cherished home. With your support, we can transform aspirations into realities and build a future we’re all proud to call our own.